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Ukraine support with Eden Aid

June 2022

Over the half-term break, we were delighted to be able to provide our minibus – in addition to several provided by other Oxfordshire schools – to the Eden Aid charity who recruited drivers to travel four days across Europe to the Ukraine-Poland border to deliver aid and provide transport for refugees fleeing conflict in their home country of Ukraine.

Departing from Abingdon on Monday 30 May, the six buses drove southward along the M40 to board the Eurotunnel to travel to mainland Europe. Arriving in Belgium, the convoy drove through a short stretch of the Netherlands, across Germany and Poland to eventually reach the Ukraine border.

Ian and Tim drove the St Helen’s minibus – Tim now on his fourth(!) trip with Eden Aid – to pick up Ukrainian families in Lublin, Warsaw, Poznan, Hanover and even Calais in France before arriving safely back in the UK.

After bidding farewell to their final drop-off, one of the convoy’s drivers said, “I’ve loved being part of such an amazing team, led and supported by the magnificent Troels, Olga and many others. Truly heart-warming (and I’m tearful just writing this).”

We’re grateful for the opportunity that Eden Aid provided for us and being able to offer support to families in Ukraine in addition to the donations sent earlier this year via the British Red Cross’ Ukraine Crisis Appeal led locally by RAF Brize Norton.

Founded by two groups of friends from Penrith and Oxford, Eden Aid is a UK-based charity focussed on aiding people that are fleeing conflict in other countries, delivering aid and transporting people to new beginnings. So far, Eden Aid has raised over £56k for people in need, moving essential medical and humanitarian supplies from the UK to the Ukrainian border for onward distribution, and has helped to transport over 200 people to host families in the UK and across Europe. 

To donate or find out how you can support the Eden Aid initiative, go to their website.

Eden Aid

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