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Virtual Junior residential

In March, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that there would be lockdown measures. This caused many events to be cancelled, including the Junior residential to Stratford. They were supposed to be going on 13th May, and coming back on 15th, but because everyone had to stay at home, it was not possible to go on the delightful trip. The members of the Junior Department planned for probably, the first ever virtual Junior residential!

On the first day, we were split into groups that had been carefully picked so that we were with at least one of our chosen friends. Then we had the challenge of creating a group name and a chant, which was much harder that it sounded. Some groups decided to dress up, for example, the GuineaCats, my group, all put a plush on top of our head. Together we faced the challenge of the almost impossible chocolate quiz. It involved five rounds of very difficult chocolate questions. When break was over, most of us completed the quiz and began researching on the history of chocolate, the story of Cadbury’s World or fair trade chocolate.

At lunch, we all got together for a call, where we ate together. This was the first Junior picnic at St Helen’s. We shared our group name and performed our team chant. Everybody did really well!

The afternoon was when things got competitive. We had to try to design the BEST chocolate bar. We had to decide what flavour it was, what it looks like, the name and slogan and most of all, the packaging and logo. There were five winners: Emma for the tastiest sounding bar, Olivia for the best package, Mia (me) for most imaginative new creation, Abby for the most interesting sounding chocolate bar and Luisa for the best dairy alternative chocolate bar.

When this was over, we watched a Horrible History about William Shakespeare to prepare us for the next day, about Shakespeare.

Mia Y6

On day two I completed a virtual tour of Warwick Castle and we had a competition on who could build the best castle. We could make them out of anything, and I made mine out of books. There were multiple prizes for lots of different things such as the most creative group or the most creative use of materials. After lunch we paired up to make a PowerPoint on how you would need to act in order to not get recognised if you were to go back in time to the Tudor era, and you went to the Globe Theatre. I finished the day by watching a Shakespearean play.

On the third day, we investigated Shakespearean language, and preformed scenes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We were split into groups and practiced for a while. We then preformed them in front of the rest of Year 5 and 6. After that we had a talent show. Various people volunteered to show us their talents, such as singing, gymnastics, and even some dog tricks!

Mimi Y6

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