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Woodland Ways

On 16–17 June, the whole of Year 7 went on an exciting adventure to Woodland Ways. As soon as we arrived and made our way to the camp, we were getting progressively more excited about the activities to take place over the next two days. And sure enough, we were not disappointed! On the first day, we learnt about the basics of first aid, which is a very important life skill to know about. We also learnt about how to build a proper campfire, which was very exciting. But of course, the most fun event we had all been waiting for was setting up our tarpaulins for the night, which was a very enjoyable activity. At night, it was very cosy to sleep in.

The next day, we went on a walk to look for all the different types of leaves and plants, and track wild animal footprints. But my favourite activity of all was the predator and prey game, involving trying to reach the designated person who was the ‘prey’ without getting caught by them. On the whole, the trip was a huge success and it was great to be together and get to know one another so much better. It was lovely to be outside in nature, and welcome break from the classroom! 

Bea 7L

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