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Year 8 Thinking Supper - Raising awareness

The Year 8 academic scholars took part in a remote Thinking Supper with Abingdon School during a November lunchtime.

It was held in the top floor of the library and students from St Helen’s and Abingdon were put into groups where they discussed the topic: Raising awareness. In their group, they decided on a cause that they thought it was important for more people to know about and then had to think about how they would raise awareness for this cause.

They all then had to talk through their presentation to the group, sharing their PowerPoint with everybody. All the students were enthusiastic and made excellent presentations!

‘We were doing Guide Dogs for the Blind. It was really fun co-operating with Abingdon boys to create an interesting PowerPoint on our charity. Having a connection to this charity (Amelie used to own a retired guide dog) meant it was really fun to learn more about this key charity. It also shows just how important this charity is to so many people's lives. It was exciting thinking of how we could raise money for it.’

Amelie and Olivia 8M

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