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Year 8 art exhibition at Barns Cafe

Year 8 students at St Helen and St Katharine have been learning about perspective in their art lessons. They began this project with an introduction to the rules of perspective, exploring paintings by Masaccio and Rubens. They then worked from photographs of places that were meaningful to them, to produce a tonal painting. This process helped them understand value and how to break a photographic image down into just a few tones.

The students then looked at examples of contemporary set design and used these to inform a personal response. They began by painting the backgrounds, then incorporated three-dimensional aspects using a wide range of materials.

‘We worked on our models most of the term in art. We learnt different techniques to recreate our chosen scene in a stage set. It was fascinating learning about different tones, textures and techniques to use acrylic paint with, such as using a palette knife instead of a paint brush. We used materials to enhance our scene and got to experiment a lot with abstraction and reality. Overall it was a very enjoyable and worthwhile project.’

Hattie, 8M

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