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Year 8 team wins Faraday Challenge Day

We are very proud to announce that a team of Year 8 students won The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) Faraday Challenge Day on 19 February held at Larkmead School. Hannah, Eliana, Sophie, Constance, Eve and Josephine developed and designed a new attraction for Thorpe Park, engineering one aspect of the design. During the process they had to plan, identify problems and generate ideas, select roles within the team and complete a short engineering task. During the development stage of their idea they had access to the ‘shop’ to buy components and then build an element of their design, modifying where necessary. Finally they had to present the design to the judge, demonstrating their working element of the design, and submit their accounting and planning/reflection sheets completed during the design.

The team won with a score of 81/100 for their idea of a trampoline maze and now await to see if they go any further in the competition. The top five teams nationally meet at Thorpe Park for a further round and the final winning entry becomes the new attraction at the park.

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