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Year 8 trip to Fishbourne and Butser

On 25 September, Year 8 visited Fishbourne Roman Palace and Butser Farm. We travelled by bus to our first destination, Fishbourne Roman Palace. There we saw an ancient palace, possibly lived in by a king. The site was fascinating and informative, and we gathered lots of information for our projects. We discovered many facts that we hadn’t know before; the trip helped us to expand our knowledge. Here is an idea of what we learnt on this trip: that Fishbourne Palace was built 30 years after the Roman invasion and that the Romans used the same sponge-on-a-stick as each other to clean themselves after the toilet. We saw their basic underfloor heating, a bit like ours today. My highlight of the trip to Fishbourne was rolling down the hill at lunch – oh, and seeing the mosaics on the floor!

At Butser Farm, there was a dog that had a resemblance to Teasel! We visited a Celtic roundhouse and sat on deer skins in front of the open fire. We then looked at how they created the toilets. There wasn’t much privacy – only a piece of skin hung up! Our highlight of this stop was when Mrs Twaits sat on the old and musty, wooden toilet! Oh, what a laugh that was! It made our day. Overall, we loved the trip and it was definitely worth the long bus journey! 

Cleo and Marina, 8K 

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