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Topics: Creative Arts

Young Art Oxford 2022

March 2022

This term, Middle School Art students have been working to develop submissions for the Young Art Oxford exhibition – an annual art show hosted in the prestigious Ashmolean Museum running from 12–14 May for schools across Oxfordshire to raise money for the Great Ormond Street Hospital charity. Otillia (7M) explains what she has been getting up to for her submission.

In the first half of Lent term we designed heat-pressed pillows. We started by creating our design by composing pieces of fabric and ribbon on a square. It may be seen as abstract, but we were drawing what we saw. We made 2-4 different designs (which are currently on display) and then chose our favourite to be our pillow cover. 

Once we had decided on our favourite design, we outlined the pillowcase on a piece of newsprint paper and sketched the design onto the paper. We painted the design with transfer paints which was hard as they come out a lot darker than when they are printed, so we didn’t know exactly what colour they would come out as. Right now, we are waiting for our cushions to be printed.

My favourite part of making the cushions was painting in the designs because I loved using all the colours and the abstractness of it. My least favourite part was painting in with the transfer paints because they all looked dark and gloomy, and I wasn’t sure how they would turn out once they were printed. 

Otillia, 7M



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