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Young geographers of the year

My experience of entering the Young Geographer of the Year competition was very exhilarating. I found creating my poster and researching about the question ‘what makes the Arctic unique’ very mind-opening as I explored a great deal about the Arctic, and how humans are heavily impacting it along with the Arctic’s ecosystem which is massively deteriorating at a very fast rate. Making the poster was also great fun as I was able to unleash my creativity!

Being Highly Commended in the competition was an amazing honour and I am very grateful for this opportunity. Being able to travel to the Young Geographer of the Year ceremony and being presented with the award along with a talk about the Arctic was a mesmerising experience, all the entries were absolutely amazing. The talk had so much information about the Arctic and we were even able to handle some ice which was a great experience.

Anika, 9M

When I found out that I had won the Young Geographer of the Year, I was thrilled! I literally needed to read the email over a thousand times just to be sure I had actually won it!

The subject was very interesting and inspiring. At first, I didn’t really know how to tackle it so I started by watching various documentaries and read many articles. I loved Frozen Planet, I also explored the RGS award-winning Discovering the Arctic website. I strongly advise everyone who wants to learn more about the Arctic – the most interesting and rapidly changing place on earth – to have a look at these two resources! I have learnt so much about the Arctic and have increased my geographical awareness of this unique region.

Putting all the information together was very hard work. After lots of research and drafts I was glad to finalise the content of my poster. The presentation was a real challenge as I had loads of information that didn’t even fit onto the poster. I wanted something unique. After many failed attempts and with the help of my little brother’s Lego box, I came up with the final design. I was also very happy that Chris Madden allowed me to use his amazing political cartoons in my poster; they were just perfect for the subject!

I was honored to go to London for the ceremony. Whilst we were waiting for everyone to arrive we had the opportunity to view the entire award winning entries meeting the other winners as well as their proud parents and teachers. We were given a very interesting presentation on what makes the Arctic unique by Henry Burgess. We were also given an ice core sample from the British Antarctic Survey that he managed to bring to us from their research station. It was amazing to hold an ice core sample from the Antarctic! At the end of the presentation we were called up to receive our prizes. I felt extremely proud receiving my award, my framed certificate and my goodie bag, and happy to share this experience with my parents, Mrs Tate and Anika. More (official) pictures were taken in the garden by a professional photographer and a delicious lunch buffet was served.

Hannah, 10J


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