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Fees and Conditions of Entry

From September 2016

Registration Fee

  • UK Residents - £100 non returnable
  • Overseas Residents - £200 non returnable

Deposit (on acceptance of place)

  • £500 refundable on final account

Tuition Fee

  • £4,915 per term

The tuition fee includes most stationery, the majority of text books, games, swimming, library and nursing in the Health Centre in ordinary cases of illness, but excludes any special medicines.  In cases requiring special treatment or extra nursing, any expenses involved are charged to the parents.  The cost of running late supervised prep and study sessions in the Library until 5.30pm is included in the tuition fee.

Music Fees

(Recommended but subject to vMT contract)

  • Singing and all instrumental studies, except harp - £305 per term 
  • Musical Instrument Hire - £48 per term

Supplemental Charges

Lunch is £210 per term. Lunch is charged to all pupils however, Sixth Form girls may opt out on delivery of notice in writing to the Bursar by the end of the preceeding Trinity term, to take effect from the beginning of the next academic year. It should be noted that lunches are taken for the full year, billed in equal amounts each term.

Bus travel can be provided by the Joint Bus Service, which serves St Helen's, Abingdon School and the Manor Preparatory School.  Details of bus travel, including booking forms, can be accessed via the Joint Bus Service website at  Bookings should be made by following the instructions provided.  Charges and conditions for using the service can be also be found on the same website.  Charges will be collected through individual School bills.

The School may offer additional items, to enhance teaching and individual development, for which charges will be made subject to parental consent, on the school bill. The list below is not exhaustive and will change according to circumstances.  Availability varies between year groups.

Trips offered in support of teaching
Lectures, visits or subject specific excursions with most departments.
Residential trips (Junior Department, Year 7 and Year 9)
Foreign Exchanges

The cost of sitting public examinations is now charged as a supplemental item and will depend on the fees levied by the examination boards in question.

Occasional trips offered
Lacrosse tour   
Music tour
Skiing trip

Music and drama productions   
Parents' Association events
Sixth Form Ball

Parents' Association subscription   
SHSK Society

Extracurricular activities
Fencing, tennis coaching, dance, sailing, skating, Young Enterprise, Duke of Edinburgh's Award, tai-kwondo

Items provided for exclusive use and retention, such as:
Folders,project materials, maths calculators, careers advice, music examinations, magazines, musical instrument hire, science clothing, music and equipment, subscriptions to societies, games clothing and equipment, dictionaries, books retained by pupils, prefects uniform, clubs activities.

Miscellaneous items
School photographs, personal and property insurances, records of achievement, school fees refund scheme, additional tuition, leavers' memorabilia, late payment charge, Exam remarks etc, charges for lost items

Payment of Fees

For all pupils joining the School, acceptable payment options are termly direct debit, suitably referenced internet bank transfer, or monthly payment via School Fee Plan. A charge is made for late payment and is detailed on each bill.

In association with market-leading school fee finance provider, you can apply online to pay your school fees by monthly instalments*. It’s quick, easy and once approved, we will notify School Fee Plan of your termly fees, including extras. 

*Credit is subject to status. Terms and conditions apply.

Instrumental music teachers are self employed, with agreements with the School.  Cheques for music tuition fees must be made payable to the teacher who raises the invoice and not to the School.  All other cheques should be made payable to The School of St Helen & St Katharine and addressed to the Bursar.

Notice of removal of a pupil before completing Year 13 (Upper Sixth) must be given in writing to the Headmistress at least one full term beforehand, or payment of the next term’s fees will be required.

Notice of discontinuing subjects for which extra fees are charged must be given in writing not later than one full term beforehand; in the case of instrumental lessons such notices should be sent to the Director of Music who will inform the music teacher.

In order to appreciate the impact of possible future fee increases, parents should note that over the course of a seven year school career, the current termly fee of £4,915 would increase to £6,219 at an annualised fee increase of 4%.


No reduction is made for absence but there is a School Fees Refund Scheme, which can be taken out through the School. Personal effects and BUPA medical insurance for girls is also available. Further details may be obtained from the Bursary.

Conditions of Entry

However the fees are paid, the contractual liability remains with the signatories of the Acceptance Form page of the Parent Contract.  The School reserves the right to ask the parent to withdraw the pupil if this is in the interest either of the School or the pupil herself.

All pupils attend the School’s assemblies and services which cover a wide range of moral, spiritual and religious topics.  The School services are based on the Anglican Liturgy.

Throughout a girl’s time at the School, the School Doctor shall continue to have the right to give the girl’s parent or guardian or the Headmistress any confidential information about the girl if she considers that it is in the girl’s own interest or desirable for the protection of other members of the School that she should do so.

The School can accept no responsibility for any loss or damage that may happen to a girl’s property while on the School premises.