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1 Dec 2021 - 3 Dec 2021

Animal Farm

Middle school present George Orwell's Animal Farm, adapted for the stage by Lara Sharman. More than seventy years after Animal Farm was first published, George Orwell’s ‘fairy-tale’ is as apt as ever. It is, of course, an allegory for the events of the Russian Revolution of 1917, but at its core, it is a cautionary tale about power, politics, corruption, and inequality. While the farm animals in the story revolt against their human farmers to create an equal society, the pigs quickly establish themselves as the elite leadership and use their power to oppress. Over time, using propaganda and fear, the list of animal rights becomes shorter until only one remains “Four legs good, two legs bad”. Some animals find out that to question the order results in exile or death. It seems that power corrupts, even when idealism is at play.
7 Dec 2021 - 7 Dec 2021

Junior Christmas Celebration

Join the Junior Department for songs, carols, readings and the Year 5 performance of A Very Mixed-up Nativity.
8 Dec 2021 - 8 Dec 2021

Christingle Service

Members of Lower School and their parents are invited to join us for this Christmas service which reflects on the Christmas story bringing light to the world and giving hope to people living in dark times. The service will be led by Lower School Choir.
9 Dec 2021 - 9 Dec 2021

Nine Lessons & Carols

Members of Middle School and Sixth Form and their parents are invited to join us for this beautiful and traditional telling of the Christmas story through words and music. The service will be led by Chapel Choir
13 Dec 2021 - 14 Dec 2021

Christmas print making workshop

During this 2 day workshop students will have the opportunity to carve their own blocks to make block printed wrapping paper and gift tags, print their own papers using many different hand printing techniques and explore paper folding to create different festive decorations. Open to all students in Years 5-9