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As Headmistress of St Helen and St Katharine, I have the immense privilege of watching our students experience defining moments that will transform their future. Our exciting educational environment is one in which the unique talents of each of our students are unlocked.

I am also keenly aware that there are young women whose lives would be transformed by calling St Helen and St Katharine their school and could do so if fees were no longer a factor. 

The belief that we can and should remove this financial barrier remains fundamental to the School's ethos. Throughout the history of our School, students have been able to come to St Helen's because their families received assistance towards the fees, and this has defined the School's character as rooted in the local community with a spirit of inclusivity.

Our fierce pride in all that we do at St Helen's and the transformative value and efficacy of our mission makes us ambitious to reach out further, to individuals whose potential and aspirations are currently inhibited by circumstances beyond their control. We would love your help in creating possibilities for such young women. 

Together we can achieve something of profound and lasting value.

Mrs Rebecca Dougall, Headmistress


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