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St Helen's Junior Department

Welcome to St Helen and St Katharine Junior Department. Being part of the Juniors offers a nurturing learning environment and a unique bridge between primary and secondary education in which Year 5 and 6 students are encouraged to become independent, confident and enthusiastic learners.

Our dedicated team of staff are passionate about primary education and understand how to stretch and challenge able learners, while recognising that success looks different for every student.

We celebrate individuality and as such our students are encouraged to pursue interests across a range of subjects as well as through our extensive extracurricular programme.

We are very proud of our strong identity within the wider school community. With classrooms nestled in the heart of the main school building, the Juniors is a happy and vibrant place to learn where students are highly motivated and curious. We benefit from having access to many of the impressive senior school facilities and deliver fast-paced and engaging lessons.

Please have a read of our prospectus, which sets out pastoral, curricular and practical information about the Junior Department, and we encourage you to arrange a visit to the School to discover more about what makes the Juniors such a special place.

Mrs Nina Bass and Mrs Rachel Green
Joint Heads of the Junior Department

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With the foundations of our teaching rooted in the Key Stage 2 curriculum, our teachers provide opportunities for students to explore each subject at a greater depth. Across the course of a week students will engage in a range of practical activities as well as classroom-based work.

Staff have high expectations of all students which leads them to become highly engaged, inquisitive and enthusiastic learners. They are encouraged to take intellectual risks in an environment where the process of learning is celebrated alongside overall achievement. 

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Beyond, the School’s extensive extracurricular programme, is also available to the Junior Department. We encourage students to join in with a range of clubs in order to find something that they love doing. With the majority of Junior activities running during the extended lunch break this allows plenty of time for eating, playing and having fun. There is always a wide array of activities on offer, ranging from drama and art to gymnastics, chemistry club and even Minecraft.

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Pastoral and well-being

When students join us in Year 5 and 6 our main priority is their happiness and
emotional well-being. Junior Department teachers are at the heart of the pastoral
system for students and will be there to provide guidance as they settle into the
routines of a new school. They help support students as they get to grips with new
bus journeys, navigate friendships, manage homework expectations and choose
which extracurricular opportunities to engage in.

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