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St Helen and St Katharine, Faringdon Road, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 1BE

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Our ethos and mission statement


At St Helen and St Katharine we believe that as a school we have an important role to play in encouraging girls to discover and develop their own strengths, enabling them to achieve academically and develop the self-belief and confidence that will equip them for life.

Eager to learn, and motivated to do their best, our students take advantage of the many opportunities on offer. We encourage them to challenge themselves and to take risks, both academically and beyond the classroom; we are also committed to creating a secure and supportive environment in which girls feel they can make mistakes as they learn.

St Helen's is a school where success is celebrated but not revered. Our students achieve excellent academic results and our goal is to ensure that every girl achieves success as she defines it, so that she can believe in herself, her talents and abilities, and so that she will feel prepared and equipped for life beyond school.

Mission statement

Founded on Christian values, our goal is to enable every girl to discover and
develop her own strengths. We seek to encourage the aspiration to achieve
both academically and beyond the classroom, and we aim to develop in all
our students the self-belief and confidence that will equip them for life.


Our vision for bursaries