Pastoral ethos

Founded on our values of kindness, respect, honesty, confidence and perseverance our pastoral ethos is to foster kindness: being kind to others and to ourselves.

We are expert in understanding and enabling girls and young women to explore the full range of all that it means to be female, rather than limiting themselves in relation to societal norms. We prepare students for the world beyond St Helen’s through working with a range of other schools and offering students opportunities to challenge themselves in other settings and contexts.

Physical and mental health, relationships, careers, digital selfhood and leadership are explored through a lens which is deliberately female and specialist.

Our students thrive in an environment in which fun and well-being, both physical and emotional are essential allies of academic achievement. We actively encourage students to develop their sense of self.

We understand the primacy of relationships through this developmental stage and give our students an understanding of the particularities of female friendship that will stand them in great stead for life. Our alumnae show us that friendships made at St Helen’s last a lifetime.

We have a clear set of values and expectations of behaviour and attitude. We have a dialogue-based approach to resolving issues and a restorative action approach to discipline. We work closely with parents to support each student with her individual needs.

We empower our students to embrace their futures with confidence and on their terms.