School Council

Our student-led School Council provides brilliant leadership opportunities and a chance for students from all year groups to have their say in how the School is run.

School Council meetings are held once every half term during a working lunch and are led by a Sixth Form Prefect.

Meetings can focus on particular topics or raise issues that have been brought to student reps’ attention by their year group – no matter is too small or too big to be discussed. Recent topics have included the School’s improvement of environmental and sustainable practices; race in the classroom; and the Personal Development curriculum.

Several clubs and societies act as a sub-committees to inform and contribute to the School Council, allowing further work in specific areas, for example:

  • The Eco Committee which, in collaboration with our staff Sustainability Champion, aims to make the School more environmentally sustainable and students more aware
  • The Personal Development (PD) Committee which focuses on giving students a better understanding of mental health issues and core life skills
  • The Black and Minority Student Working Group which ensures student visibility of BAME communities and opportunities, eg Black History Month
  • The Equality and Diversity Committee which seeks to offer equal opportunity for all students and find ways to reduce bullying
  • And, the Pride Club which forms a supportive, social hub for the School’s LGBTQ+ community