Health Centre and counsellors

Health Centre

Our Health Centre is staffed by our wonderful team of qualified nurses who take the time at the beginning of the school year to get to know each year group and ensure students are aware of the care available to them.

We provide the best possible care to ensure students have the support they need, whether it be suffering from sickness, accident or injury. Students with particular medical needs meet regularly with the school nurses to discuss and review their support.

Our nurses also manage various public health initiatives and vaccination programmes.

"Along with managing student’s medical conditions , dealing with sports injuries and delivering first aid the nurses aim to build a trusted rapport with students to support their varied needs throughout their school life. Their mission is to provide holistic, individualised care encompassing the student’s physical, social and emotional needs."
Emma Smith, Senior Nurse


Everyone at St Helen’s plays a role in nurturing the mental well-being of our students. We recognise the enormous change that our students undergo as they pass through our school, and the many challenges faced by girls and young women in the 21st century. Sometimes an independent source of help – someone different to a teacher or a friend – is needed to talk through the trickier things.

Our dedicated team of school counsellors provide safe spaces for those needing guidance and care. Counselling sessions are open to all students, who can self-refer or speak to their form tutor, the Director of Students or another trusted staff member to explore what support might be best for them.