SHSK Sounds

SHSK Sounds comprises a diverse programme of conversation, interviews and special features surrounding school life. Made possible by the generosity of the Parents’ Association, our in-house podcast enables us to reflect the eclectic views, stories and pursuits of life at St Helen and St Katharine.

Features include our ‘Dream Double Bill’ series in which students, staff and special guests are invited to choose their dream pairing of films, our ‘In Conversation’ series which invites special guests to discuss topics of interest, and many more. SHSK Sounds is available on Spotify, Amazon Podcasts and Podbean.

In Conversation with Gail Wilson

Join us to discover how Gail Wilson participated in the Winter World Masters 2024, and her journey to becoming the Head of Outdoor Learning at St Helen’s. Mrs Wilson discusses the aims and benefits of outdoor education and how the programme is expanding at St Helen’s.

Culinary Chronicles

Join us as we get an exclusive glimpse into the culinary world at St Helen’s with our Executive Chef Eamonn. Find out how food is sourced and prepared, and the initiatives aimed at minimising organic waste and single-use plastics.

COP28 and climate change

Join us this week as Alice and Poppy, Lower Sixth members of the Geography Society, discuss the complexities of climate change and what we can all do to help.

The Intricacies of Strength and Conditioning

What does it take to be a top young athlete? Join Upper Sixth student and Team GB rower, Matilda as she discusses the intricacies of strength and conditioning with Mr Wall, Head of Athletic Development and Health.

Friday Night Focus: Episode 1

Welcome to "Friday Night Focus", the podcast that explores a wide range of topics both inside and outside of school. In our first episode, your host Lara will be delving into a popular debate: books vs films. Which medium reigns supreme? Join us as we investigate which has more value and which one captures our attention and imagination better.

In Conversation with Jane McDonald

This week, we hear from Jane McDonald about her development of the St Helen and St Katharine Creative Arts Partnership and how the scheme has blossomed into a wonderfully exciting and extensive programme of diverse reciprocal events for regional schools.