The Kate Scheme

All of our students, past and present, can experience the power of our network through the Kate Scheme, our cultural ethos of continual learning that is manifested in a mentoring programme for life.

In school, you will realise your potential to support and learn from others, whether that is reading with a younger student, engaging in academic coaching or training as a pastoral peer support lead.

Our alumnae are changing the world, and they are working hard to ensure our students are on the right path to join them. We are creating an ever-growing network of female leaders who use their proficiency and expertise to lift students’ and fellow alumnae’s aspirations and self-belief in order to guide them in applying for the placement, to go for the promotion, to ask for a pay rise.

We support this mission by providing regular access to professional networking opportunities, with a focus on specific industries such as law, media or finance. We also provide a one-to-one mentor-matching service whatever stage you’re at – whether as a university graduate seeking advice from an early career professional, or when you’re ready for promotion and need guidance from someone who has been there and done that. We create positive, encouraging, female-only spaces for women to amplify and elevate each other’s success.

The Kate Scheme is changing the narrative around aspiration and success, where mentoring others replaces competing with others. What a world our alumnae are forging and what a powerful movement to be a part of!

If you are an alumnae interested in finding out more about the Kate Scheme, please do contact us via email .

“The support from St Helen’s was second to none. I received early guidance, with one-on-one chats to steer me in the right direction, and contacts from our alumnae network leading to work experience at the JR Hospital with a thoracic surgeon.”

Juliet, Medicine BMBS, University of Nottingham

“St Helen’s was a huge part of my life and I have no doubt it played an important part in where I am today. I benefitted hugely from the ethos which led all of us to feel that there were no boundaries to what we could achieve. That kept me going at times when it felt the odds were stacked against me.”

Justice Johannah Cutts, Justice of the High Court

“My teachers supported me through the university application process with personal statement advice and interview preparation. These were particularly helpful as they improved my confidence in tackling challenging questions under pressure.”

Anna, Geography, University of Cambridge

“I felt encouraged to pursue my interest in media and was supported when I embarked on independent projects. This helped me to become a determined, motivated self-starter – a mindset which is very much needed to survive as a freelancer!”

Zenia Selby, Documentary Producer and Author

“I never felt any career path was closed off to me. St Helen’s was supportive and encouraging, even though I pursued a non-standard approach by not going to university. A strong academic background surrounded by bright and driven individuals has made me able to hold my own in a very male-dominated environment.”

Katy Lee MBE, First Officer, Boeing 737 (Tui Airways)