Form tutoring

Talking things through – whether a molehill or a mountain – is immensely important at St Helen’s and we are proud that students of all ages confirm that they know there is always someone they can talk to.

While our pastoral support network includes every member of staff, from the smiling catering staff serving a hearty meal at lunchtime to the school Chaplain, form tutors are at the heart of the pastoral system from Year 5 through to Sixth Form, supporting students to become young adults with a good understanding of themselves and the society around them.

Seeing their form groups twice daily, form tutors and support tutors will get to know your daughter and have a strong understanding of her world – what she likes, what she finds more challenging – and celebrate successes just as much as they support in learning from mistakes.

Form time is an important opportunity for students to learn about, discuss and gain an understanding of parts of normal life. An ability to self-manage is key and we encourage students to gain a sense of perspective, value what they have and seek to be the best version of themselves.

Tutors are important figures in all students’ lives, central figures who will guide your daughter through each school year. They are surrounded by the wider pastoral structure, from the Director of Students, Heads of Section and friendly faces at Reception, to the Chaplain, counsellors and Health Centre staff.

In Sixth Form, your daughter stays with the same tutor for the two-year period and they will help and support her as she makes that all-important transition from life in Year 11 to A levels and beyond.