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Student leadership

When students leave St Helen and St Katharine they will be confident in their own ability to engage with, and relish, the challenges of the 21st century which they will shape and lead.

Students develop their leadership skills at St Helen’s through numerous opportunities available, some of which are formal responsibilities, some of which are through activities they undertake during a club, activity or as part of the curriculum.

At the top of the school, the prefect team, led by their elected Head Girl and two deputies work closely with the Director of Students and are a key component of the leadership of the School. They are often the public face of the School at events, including Open Day, induction days and assessment days. The team of 28, dressed in their uniform and boater, have a very aspirational, yet reassuring effect, and in prefect interviews, students often talk about the first time they saw the prefects.

House Prefects, two per House, are part of the prefect team and work with their staff Head of House to coordinate all competitive and intra-House activities throughout the year. Their role is across all year groups of the School arranging teams, organising meetings and maintaining their House spirit (and competitive edge!).

In addition, every student in Lower Sixth is given a position of responsibility. The range of leadership opportunities reflect the requirements of the school but also the different skills and experiences the students bring. They support throughout the school, from providing assistance to departments and helping to run clubs and activities, to acting as form assistants, Sixth Form mentors and charity reps.

The development of leadership skills is an on-going process and opportunities at St Helen’s are not restricted to Sixth Form.

School Council is composed of elected representatives from each year group in the School to provide a forum where issues can be discussed and suggestions put forward. The Council meets with the Director of Students to talk through the points raised and provides regular feedback to the school in assemblies.

Every form group from Year 5 upwards has a form leader which changes each term. They assist their form tutor in the day to day running of the form group.

Other leadership opportunities present themselves in clubs, activities and through the curriculum. Students can show their credentials through captaining a sports team or leading an orchestra, acting as Managing Director of a Young Enterprise company, directing a school play, leading a debate, organising a dinner, standing in a mock election, or leading an assembly.

Leadership displays itself in many ways. It is our responsibility to help students start to find out what kind of leader they wish to be as they move on to the next stage of their life.