Chemistry is the central scientific discipline that equips you with the tools required to understand the world. Its concepts can be applied to a multitude of different fields and the breadth of the subject is vast. From synthesising the most complex drug molecules or analysing trace evidence to solve crimes, to developing the next generation of green technologies; chemists find themselves in numerous exciting fields solving the world’s biggest challenges.

Our dedicated teaching staff have a wealth of experience in igniting a passion for chemistry in young minds. The curriculum aims to engage students in chemistry and its applications, while providing opportunities to develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities and laboratory techniques. We have four state-of-the-art chemistry laboratories and, with the help of our highly qualified chemistry technician, regular experimental work across the age range ensures learners become confident practical chemists. As well as preparing students for further scientific study, we aim to instil an awareness of the impact of chemical sciences on our lives, our environment and our society, and enable leaners to leave school true global citizens.

Junior Department

Lower School

Middle School

Sixth Form


9–7 at GCSE Chemistry 2023


9–8 at GCSE Chemistry 2023


A*–B at A level 2023

Academic enrichment

A range of opportunities are provided to encourage and interest students in chemistry. Budding scientists in the Lower School attend Junior Science Club, and are also empowered to run their own investigations, potentially leading to a CREST Award. Our Middle School chemists have their own dedicated club, ‘Nobelium’, which places an emphasis on practical work and demonstrations to enthuse and extend our GCSE students. Cross-curricular links with other departments are also explored, for example, when learning about the chemistry of photography. There are opportunities to take part in competitions such as the National Scientific Thinking Skills Challenge and the Royal Society of Chemistry’s ‘Top of the Bench’, as well as events organised by our local RSC section and OX14 partnership schools.

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