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St Helen and St Katharine, Faringdon Road, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 1BE

How to find us

Policies and procedures

Mission statement and ethos

Accessibility Plan (the School's accessibility plan)

Admissions (policy and procedures for entry into the School)

Allergy and  Anaphylaxis  (Allergy and  Anaphylaxis Management Policy)

Anti-Bullying (policy for prevention of bullying and procedures for dealing with occurrences)

Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Assessment (policy and procedures for ARR for all aspects of achievement)

Behaviour (policy for behavior)

Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Policy

CCTV (policy for CCTV)

Centre Policy for Determining Teacher Assessed Grades 

Complaints Procedure (procedures for complaints by parents against the School)

Curriculum (policy for curriculum provision together with current structures)

Data Protection (policy for the protection and use of personal data)

Drugs and Substance Misuse (Drugs and substance misuse policy for students)

Environmental Policy

Examination Appeals Policy (procedure for examination and results appeals including internal examination assessments)

Exclusion Policy 

Fire Safety Policy

First Aid (the School's policy on provision of first aid within school and on school trips)

Head Injuries and Concussion (head injuries and concussion protocol)

Health & Safety (school health and safety policy)

Homework (the School's policy on setting of homework)

ICT Acceptable Use (governs the appropriate and safe use of school computer facilities. A separate policy applies to staff)

Most Able (policy for most able students. Replaces previous Gifted & Talented policy)

Relationships and Sex Education Policy

Statement from St Helen and St Katharine and Abingdon School on sexual harassment and misogyny

Remote Schooling Plan

Safeguarding - Child Protection (child protection policy)

Safeguarding - Online Safety (policy for online safety)

Safeguarding - Prevent (policy focusing on safeguarding in terms of Prevent)

Safer Recruitment Policy

SEN (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy, including provision for students for whom English is an additional language)

Taking, Storing and Using Images of Students (taking, storing and using images of students)


If you would prefer printed copies of any of the School's policies these can be obtained from the Admissions Office.

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