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23 June 2023

A trip to the Black Country Living Museum

Diya (8J)

The trip to the Black Country Living Museum was a spellbinding experience where we had the opportunity to step back in time.

We gained fantastic insight into the lives of the working classes during the Industrial Revolution and learned about a range of jobs, from transporting coal in the mines to making chains. For centuries, the Black Country was renowned for its mining and smoke filled the air; men had to spend their working hours in pitch-black mines, and many paid the ultimate price. Not only did we learn how adults went about their daily lives, we also learned how the next generation spent their childhood. We had a glimpse at a day in the life of a student studying at school and even saw a demonstration of how a student would be punished!

Overall, I really enjoyed the trip to the Black Country Living Museum as it gave us a clear understanding of how daily life in Britain has changed over the years and it really stressed the differences between life back then and the modern age.

Diya (8J)

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