29 May 2023

Activities Week – Lower Sixth art workshop

Chloe (L6C), Communications Prefect 2022-23

On Wednesday 24 May, Lower Sixth artists spent the day with artist Michael Brennand-Wood, who encouraged us to explore our interests in contribution to the piece he is building in celebration of the Chapel’s centenary.

In the morning, he showed us similar works of art decorated by recovering stroke patients for a hospital mural using strips of fabric, as well as works completed by younger years throughout Activities Week.

Teachers were also encouraged to take part throughout the day and we all undertook the challenge with enthusiasm, making sure to turn on our Spotify playlist and let the creativity take hold. Initially, we were given white fabric strips and by the end, we had a variety of eye-catching pieces made with many textiles, paints, inks, beads and more!

It was an amazing opportunity to come together as a community and take part in something that will be part of the School for years to come.

Chloe (L6C), Communications Prefect 2022-23

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