29 May 2023

Activities Week – Tudor Day

On Thursday 25 May, all of Year 7 had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of the Tudors. There was so much excitement right from the start of the day as we all arrived in our Tudor clothing. There were nobles, knights, peasants and executioners, and, of course, a Henry VIII thrown into the mix.

We explored the past through a series of workshops and, by the end of the day, realised how terrible it would have been to be a Tudor; Horrible Histories is right! The alchemist told us about the really weird ways in which the Tudors ‘healed’ patients, the armourer put us through our paces on the training ground (aka the Quad), and Catherine Parr talked us through crime and punishment during the period, even teaching us a couple of dances; the peasantry really loved a dance.

At lunchtime, we enjoyed a fantastic Tudor banquet prepared by the Catering Team; there was an amazing range of food and we tried so many new and delicious recipes!

At the end of the day, we got the opportunity to put our questions to the experts – there were, of course, a lot of questions. We had such a great experience and it really made the world of the Tudors come to life.

Ava (7K)

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