18 April 2023

Adventure awaits at ARG Club

Slaying dragons, delving through dungeons and solving a puzzle or two along the way, students have been enjoying one of the newest clubs on offer at St Helen’s, Adventure Roleplaying Games (ARG) Club. Madeline (8J) tells us more about what goes on in the Library every week.

‘Adventure roleplaying games are about taking the role of a character and doing everything as they would do, sharing their motivations, memories and personality. If you enjoy roleplay and strategic thinking (and mythical creatures, of course), this club may be for you!

Most often, we play Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). Whether you want to be a wizard who fights with their knowledge or a fighter who rushes into battle every two minutes, D&D will have something for you. In D&D, we learn about teamwork and working together to achieve different goals. It also incorporates elements of communication and imagination skills. Lots of people are willing to help you learn the game and most importantly enjoy the game!’

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