28 April 2023

An evening of Unbelievable Science

Over 230 excited audience members gathered in the Yolande Paterson Hall to enjoy an evening of storytelling, illusion, comedy and science. Time-travelling magicians, Morgan & West, had turned the stage into a world of wonder with props galore, and the audience was thrilled to go on a scientific journey with them.

The duo had plenty of gags and everyone laughed along from beginning to end. Highlights of the show included the 3D shadow puppet flying into the audience, which resulted in plenty of shocked squeals and gasps; the colour-changing chemicals; and the optical and audio illusions that had lots of audience participation.

One trick which involved West poking sticks into a cardboard box (which Morgan was sat inside of!) had guests asking, ‘how did they do it?’. The answer, of course, was pure physics.

The show concluded with an amazing experiment that saw the duo pass electricity through their bodies in a case of ‘don’t try this at home’.
Everyone was delighted when Morgan & West stayed behind at the end of their performance to meet audience members. It was a fantastic evening of entertainment and the Parents Association would like to thank everyone who attended – especially those who were involved in its organisation.

We look forward to welcoming Morgan & West back to St Helen’s in the future for another fun-filled show!

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