4 October 2022

Animazing experience

SHSK School

September 2022

Toads, geckos, lizards and snakes – Year 7 biology students Martha and Florence tell us about their Animazing experience getting up close and learning about different types of animals and how they survive in their natural habitats.

On 21 September, Year 7 had a visit from Animazing which is a company that brings exotic animals into schools.

First, we were introduced to the stick insects and the giant hissing cockroaches which we were able to touch or even hold. They looked prehistoric, but it was really interesting and worth it!

Next, we looked at the bird-eating tarantula which we were not allowed to hold because it had two 1cm fangs and was able to break hairs off its back for protection that causes skin irritation.

After that, we touched a blue-tonged skink called Sheila.  She was huge and had a very blue tongue and gave birth to live young unlike other reptiles that lay eggs.

We then met a royal python which curled around our necks and looked quite pleased with himself. We learned that his species can grow up to six-feet long.

There was a really cute barn owl that was attached to a lead because owls can fly into windows and be injured (of course, like any other birds they can’t see glass).

There was also a fat-tailed gecko called Norman that could make its tail fall off if he is in danger.

Then finally there was the African pygmy hedgehog that walked along our tables and curled up into a ball.

Martha and Florence (7L)

SHSK School

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