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22 March 2024

Biomedical engineering lunch at House of Lords

Abigail (L6C)

On Tuesday 19 March, three aspiring engineers, visited the House of Lords for an All-Party Parliamentary Engineering Group luncheon focused on biomedical engineering.

We travelled across London to the Houses of Parliament where we had the opportunity to hear from four great speakers: Professor Eleanor Stride from University of Oxford; Professor Michael Sutcliffe from University of Cambridge; Joseph Bentley from ACT Medical; and Dr Julia Fan Li of Micrographia Bio LTD. We heard about a range of topics from treating stab wounds with an on-scene inflatable balloon to nanotechnology delivering drugs to localised areas of the body.

We then had the opportunity to ask questions and network with not only the speakers, but also representatives from a range of engineering companies, including Thales and Safran.

As we return to school, we reflect proudly on our ability to network and discuss with other aspiring engineers as well as the specialists from the luncheon. Kya (L6D) gained a contact from a PhD student studying ‘smart’ plasters with DNA strands implemented to heal wounds within short time spans. Martha (L6G) spoke with Joseph Bentley about product engineering and what it is like and what is required to work as a design engineer. And, I spoke with Donny Green from Thales about the different work they do as a company and about the possibility of doing work experience with them.

Overall, we found the trip a hugely interesting day full of opportunities and it has only made us more excited and enthusiastic about our future aspiring careers in the field of engineering.

Abigail (L6C)

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