24 March 2023

British Science Week 2023

SHSK School

What can the wonders of science tell us about the universe we live in? From far-off galaxies and shooting stars to the tiniest microorganisms, British Science Week swept the School with a myriad of interactive activities, educational opportunities and a celebration of women in STEM.

We began our celebrations in assembly where students shared the remarkable and lasting work of women scientists throughout history and their pioneering work, as well as highlighting the importance of women in STEM in smashing stereotypes. Students made particular reference to the murals of Ada Yonath, Barbara McClintock, Hertha Ayrton, Jane Gooddall, Mae Jemison and Rosalind Franklin embellished in our Science Centre that form a daily reminder of the achievements of outstanding women in science.

Later, in Old School Hall, students from across the School had the opportunity to take part in several hands-on experiments that demonstrated science in action – each from our Biology, Chemistry and Physics departments. One challenge invited students to identify certain objects down a microscope, another helped students to understand gases as they explored chemical reactions with dry ice, and A level physicists held a mini workshop on friction and static electricity.

SHSK School

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