28 June 2024

BSDRA Team Racing 2024

Gail Wilson, Head of Outdoor Learning

Fourteen students represented St Helen and St Katharine at the British Schools Team Racing Regatta held at Oxford Sailing Club at the end of June.

St Helen’s entry included two Feva and one Firefly team consisting of sailors from Years 5 up to Upper Sixth. The event was supported by students from schools in Ireland, USA and China – this international fleet bringing over 350 sailors to the Oxford venue.

In a strongly competitive league, based on the Swiss racing format, all the sailors persevered in the heat and challenging, ever-changing and light wind conditions on the first day. And, on the second day, sailors faced gusting winds at the opposite end of the sailing range, with racing finally being postponed at 3pm as wind speeds and gust built through the day.

In the Firefly category, our sailors improved their performances as the event progressed, winning one of their races. The Feva teams each won two races and thoroughly enjoyed the chance to test out their team racing skills developed during Trinity term against each other in the draw.

Sailing Club

Sailing Club gives students the opportunity to get afloat, either developing their existing sailing skills or starting out as a beginner. Working together has created a strong bond between all the sailors, regardless of their age and this was evident during the regatta as they supported each other in their organisation both on land and water.

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Outdoor Learning Clubs and societies

Gail Wilson, Head of Outdoor Learning

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