26 June 2024

Carnegie Shadowing 2024

Donna Pocock-Bell, Librarian

Students across Abingdon gathered together at St Helen’s to mark the end of another year of Carnegie Shadowing and to celebrate the books on this year’s shortlist.

Poetry, rap and wordsmithing were strong themes running through the books this year, so it was fitting that all of the students took part in a workshop with Oxfordshire-based poet Vanessa Lampert.

The students from across six Abingdon schools – which included Europa, Fitzharrys, John Mason, Our Lady’s Abingdon and Larkmead schools – also worked together in groups to create presentations about the shortlisted books before voting for their favourite. Nellie (Year 7) said: ‘Carnegie Shadowing was fun and I would recommend it to any new Year 7 students. I will definitely take part in Year 8 because it is a good way to make new friends and talk about new books.’

Donna Pocock-Bell, Librarian

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