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2 May 2024

ChallengEd workshop – OX14 Learning Partnership

Nikita (8M)

Year 8 joined 100+ students from schools across the OX14 Learning Partnership at the ChallengEd workshop event hosted at Larkmead School. Aspiring engineers worked together to build wind turbines and robots – Nikita (8M) tells us more.

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a STEM iBrick workshop, and I must say it was an incredibly engaging and educational experience.

Upon arrival, I was assigned to a group with individuals from other schools who shared a common interest in building with LEGO. Our first task was to construct a moving windmill using LEGO blocks and gears. The workshop facilitator, House of Fun, provided clear instructions and guidance, ensuring that we understood the concepts of mechanical engineering involved. It was fascinating to witness how each member of the group contributed their unique ideas and skills in order to bring the windmill to life. The hands-on nature of the activity allowed us to understand the principles of motion and how different components work together to create a functioning structure.

Following the windmill challenge, we were thrilled to embark upon the next task: building a rescue vehicle. This time, we were given the opportunity to apply our new-found knowledge of engineering and problem-solving skills to create a functional vehicle that could navigate through various obstacles. Working collaboratively, we brainstormed design ideas and utilised the STEM kits provided to bring our visions into reality.

It was impressive to witness how our diverse group, with varying levels of experience, came together to create an innovative and efficient rescue vehicle. This activity not only enhanced our understanding of engineering concepts, but also emphasised the importance of teamwork and effective communication in achieving a common goal.

Overall, the OX14 STEM workshop was an exceptional experience that combined the joy of building LEGO with the principles of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The workshop fostered a supportive and creative environment, allowing us to explore our problem-solving abilities while collaborating with a group of individuals.

Whether you are a LEGO enthusiast or simply interested in STEM, I highly recommend attending this kind of workshop to enhance your skills and ignite your passion for innovation.


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Nikita (8M)

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