15 December 2023

Climate Change Fortnight 2023

Throughout COP28 (28 November–12 December) the whole school enthusiastically embraced Climate Change Fortnight by participating in a variety of eco-inspired activities.

A ‘junk orchestra’ was formed among the School’s musicians as they crafted their own instruments using materials found in the recycling bin. Meanwhile, Juniors joined a livestream lecture on rainforest preservation organised by the Eden Project as part of Protecting Our Planet Day. In ceramics, Year 8 students worked on projects that explored the importance of plants and their various adaptations. GeoSoc created a quiz on recycling for students across all years to partake in during geography lessons, and Year 9 poets worked together to compose eco-themed haikus.

Lower Sixth students also made videos sharing their tips and environmental facts – watch a compilation of their clips:

Listen to Alice and Poppy (Lower Sixth) discuss global warming, COP28 and more on SHSK Sounds.

SHSK Sounds podcast

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