21 March 2023

Debussy trio reach Pro Corda national chamber music final

Mia (9L)

Recently I, alongside Alexa and Lucy, had the privilege of being in the Debussy trio and making it to the Pro Corda final – a national chamber music competition. As a group, we were proud of this accomplishment and grateful for the opportunity, as we were one of only five groups nationally to make it that far in the U14 category.

The qualifying round was held at St Helen’s in January and the adjudicator, Marianne Olyver, worked with us in a workshop to try to improve certain aspects of our performance. We were excited to be selected to progress to the semi-final (which also took place at St Helen’s) in March. This time the adjudicator was Anita Strevens and we were thrilled when she chose us to be national finalists.

Throughout each round, we received valuable feedback from the adjudicators which we incorporated in the following performances. The national final took place at Brighton College on 12th March and, although we didn’t win, we received excellent critique that we can continue to work on in the future in order to keep improving.

Mia (9L)

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