29 November 2022

Engineering for the food industry

SHSK School

November 2022

During Michaelmas term, A level Physics students attended an informative All-Party Parliamentary Engineering Group lunch and debate at the House of Lords in London to hear from industry professionals – including Senior Product Engineer Guy Hart from Park Cakes, Senior Engineer Dr Laura Malhi from Mondelez International, and Site Process Manager Alexandra Agg from Bournville.

Daisy, Lucy and Megan (Lower Sixth) tell us about their experience and what they learnt about engineering for the food industry.

On 22 November, three of us were happy to be invited to join The Lord Robert Mair CBE at an All-Party Parliamentary Engineering Group (APPEG) lunch in the House of Lords. The topic was ‘Engineering for the food industry’ and we listened to three fascinating speeches on the production and distribution of cakes, chocolate and crisps which gave us an insight into engineering in the food industry. We were also given the opportunity to ask questions to expand our knowledge which led to interesting discussions on sustainability, cost effectiveness and the future of technology in food production. In addition, we were delighted to find out that Rahul (winner of the Great British Bake Off 2018) was present at the event and he asked an insightful question to the speakers about the scaling of food manufacturing.

We were sitting at lunch with lords, MPs, members of engineering companies and engineering students who all gave helpful advice on universities and apprenticeships, and intrigued us about careers in engineering as a whole. Talking with these experts introduced us to new opportunities that a degree in engineering could lead to. One opportunity we were particularly interested in came from Guy Hart from Park Cakes, who provided us with ‘Colin the Caterpillars’ for the train home!

Daisy, Lucy and Megan (Lower Sixth)

SHSK School

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