29 January 2024

English workshop with playwright and director Beth Flintoff

Year 7 students were inspired by Beth Flintoff and the fascinating research she undertook to write The Glove Thief.

Commissioned by Tonic Theatre, the play stitches together research on embroidery, women’s oppression and even a monk-fish tapestry.

Mila (7J) said: ‘I really enjoyed our visit from Beth Flintoff as it really helped me understand the process of playwriting and how your original idea could be completely different to the end result. I found it especially interesting when she told us about how women don’t usually get as much fame as men in playwriting! She also said that once when her play, The Glove Thief, was being performed, a man complained that he didn’t have enough lines, so he asked if she could rewrite the play so that he could have more lines. She said no and he rewrote it for her anyway. This proves that we need more plays where women are the protagonists so that men can’t automatically think that they are the most important.

‘Beth Flintoff told us all about how she visited the places where some of the scenes are set and how she saw some of the things that were talked about in the play. Overall, I loved hearing about her path to writing The Glove Thief.’

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