2 February 2023

Forged in fire

SHSK School

St Helen’s students took to the forges and explored the art of blacksmithing in a special workshop with Moggy Metals in January. With their hammers raised high, Year 10 art students shaped their creativity through fire and metal – Zoe and Anna tell us what they learnt.

During our blacksmithing for beginners workshop, we learnt how to forge spikes and twist and bend mild steel. Using the techniques we had learnt we created beautiful handcrafted hearts.

It was an incredible workshop being able to work hands-on. Our new and unique experience felt empowering as we worked with such hot and dangerous metal. It would be amazing to experience blacksmithing again using all the techniques we learnt along the way. Our specialist, Imogen from Moggy Metals, was so good at engaging us and sharing her knowledge. She was wonderful at making us feel comfortable and able to ask questions – and even crack a few jokes!

Zoe and Anna (Year 10)

SHSK School

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