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8 February 2023

From St Helen’s to Hogwarts

SHSK School

Juniors jumped aboard the Hogwarts Express to go on a spellbinding trip to Warner Bros. Studios. Chloe K (Year 6) recounts her fantastical day of taking a look behind the scenes of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.

In January, Year 6 had the wonderful experience of going to Warner Bros. Studios to find out more about the making of Harry Potter.  We started with a workshop about costumes. I loved learning about all the thought and reasoning behind each costume, and even being lucky enough to see a few. After a quick lunch break, we got started with the tour. The tour was incredible, it was like stepping into the movies. We got to see the Great Hall, Platform 9¾, Diagon Alley and many other iconic locations, uncovering more about what happened behind the scenes of the films. The next stop was the shop which, to me, felt like a part of the tour, decorated with Harry Potter-themed items and patterns everywhere. Overall, it was an amazing, fun, and educational trip. Ten out of ten from me.

SHSK School

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