23 February 2024

HelKats celebrate the Year of the Dragon

Sophie (8K)

We had a wonderful celebration for Chinese New Year at St Helen and St Katharine!

We watched unique lion dancing in Old School Hall during lunchtime and took part in an exciting Chinese cultural quiz and won prizes. Mandarin students were also invited to participate in a lion dancing activity in the YPH, where Kung fu masters taught us how to perform different moves in the lion dance. We even had the fantastic opportunity to put on costumes to try out lion dancing ourselves.

Later, we did paper cutting to celebrate the Year of the Dragon in lessons, and we created wonderful paper dragons that were put up in the lunch hall.

Lower Sixth and Year 9 students also hosted an excellent Chinese New Year assembly.

Chinese New Year at St Helen’s is always a big celebration, with many fun activities to try out!


Watch the video of students lion dancing in action

Sophie (8K)

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