8 February 2023

House Bake Off 2023

SHSK School

On your marks, get ready… Bake!

Old School Hall was bustling with students on the last week before half-term as they took part in a competitive House Bake Off competition. The fierce cake decorating competition gave four teams of students just 30 minutes to cover their baked goods with designs that followed the theme of their favourite children’s books.

Pink Paterson marshmallows, a chocolate Hayward hawk, a teddy bear’s picnic (with a Duffield dragon) and Paddington Bear himself took pride of place for Benedict – there were so many creative solutions.

In addition to the whole House cake submissions, students also had the opportunity to submit individual entries with decorated biscuits. After being judged on flavour, skill and how best they explored the theme, it was Lizzie (Year 5) in Benedict who won in the Junior Department category; Lyra (8K) in Benedict who won in the Lower School category; and Mia (9L) in Hayward who won in the Middle School category.

After thorough judging, the overall House results were…

1st – Duffield

2nd – Paterson

3rd – Hayward

4th – Benedict

Well done to all our bakers and decorators!


SHSK School

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