5 March 2024

House Bake Off 2024

Brigid Alpers, Head of Food and Nutrition

House Bake Off 2024 saw teams of students battle it out in the bake-off bungalow for the best spring-themed gingerbread house.

There were happy accidents (a broken wall panel? Turn the chasm into a dragon’s lair!), there was skill (stained glass windows and artfully piped vines and spring flowers), there was plenty of fun – and a ton of sweets.

Hayward were crowned gingerbread house champions, and also won the individual bake with Shikemi’s beautifully iced cake. Benedict, with their Shreddie-adorned roof and delightful ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ scene came a close second.

Thanks must go to the house prefects who encouraged students from all year groups to get involved and persevere even when the walls came tumbling down!

Brigid Alpers, Head of Food and Nutrition

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