19 June 2024

Invitational tennis tournaments

Emily Sillence, Teacher of PE and Head of Year 9

Over two consecutively sunny days, St Helen and St Katharine hosted the U13 and U15 invitational tennis tournaments.

Both days offered an excellent array of talent from across the county, providing an abundance of competitive matches. St Helen and St Katharine students were victorious, with Rosie A (7L) and Ella (8J) finishing in 1st, and Rosie C (7L) and Emily (7L) coming 2nd in the U13 tournament. And, in the U15 tournament, Ellie (9K) and Jasmine (9L) secured 1st place, while Florence (9K) and Phoebe (10J) came 3rd.

The tournament was a lovely way to end the tennis season and showcase the exciting talent Oxfordshire has to offer. Thanks to Mathew Arnold, Dragon, Oxford High, Headington and St Edwards schools for joining us at these two events!

U13s tournament

U15s tournament

Emily Sillence, Teacher of PE and Head of Year 9

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