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29 November 2023

Joint Literary Society Dinner 2023

Jonathan Muir, Head of English

We were privileged to welcome playwright Julian Armitstead as our guest speaker at the twelfth annual Joint Literary Society Dinner on Tuesday 28 November, which was enjoyed by 68 students and six teachers from St Helen’s and Abingdon.

Julian is best known for his play After the Accident which explores the process of restorative justice; the play won the 2008 Amnesty International ‘Protect the Human’ award and has been performed on BBC Radio 4. Julian shared his reflections on his writing process, the value of live theatre, and the intertextuality of plays. His talk was followed by an interview hosted by Lit Soc stalwarts Ellie and Hester.

The dining hall was decorated by Lit Soc members in a 1920s Great Gatsby vibe and students and staff alike embraced the opportunity to don dresses, bow ties, and pearls. Izzy and Frida’s sensational Great Lit Soc Quiz was a perfect ending to the evening – although the teachers embarrassed themselves with a meagre third place.

Jonathan Muir, Head of English

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