17 March 2023

Joint senior production – Grease the Musical

SHSK School

Wop ba-ba lu-mop and wop bam boom! St Helen’s and Abingdon Sixth Form students took a trip to the rocking 1950s as they told the tale of Grease: the Musical at the Amey Theatre for this year’s joint musical production – cast member Emma (U6D) tells about her experience.

Beginning rehearsals in September brought excitement to the cast, and as soon as we had our first session with our choreographer, Miles, we knew it would be brilliant. Mr McDonnell, our director from Abingdon School, was amazing at pulling the strings behind the stage as well as preparing us to be on the stage, with weekly dance and singing rehearsals taking place. No matter how atrocious our dancing began, Miles and Mr McDonnell persevered to turn us all into the 1950s jiving dancers we ended up being.

The cast became close-knitted and dedicated, which lead to an extra special opening night. The buzz from the audience, the live music and the incredible sound, costume, and set meant that we all knew how lucky we were to be a part of this amazing production.

As the nights went on, the energy only grew, and the curtain call on closing night was something I will never forget. Tears were shed, group hugs were given and cards were signed as soon as we left the stage for the last time. I can speak on behalf of the whole cast in saying we will cherish this production forever. It will go down in Abingdon and St Helen’s history as one of the greatest!

SHSK School

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