27 June 2023

Juniors take to the water at Farmoor Reservoir

This term, Juniors have been honing their sailing skills at Farmoor Reservoir with the support of Oxford Sail Training during their Outdoor Learning lessons. Eddie (Year 6) gives us her round-up of their final sailing lesson of Trinity term.

‘Everyone had a mixture of feelings, like how some people were confident, and some were nervous and worried.

Getting the boats out and setting them up carefully, everyone was ready to go. However, some people did not want to go and were afraid of capsizing, but that is completely normal. Even if you did, you were wearing life jackets and helmets, so you would be safe – but just a little wet!

Year 6 was asked to steer around a floating yellow ball, following some simple and easy instructions. A few people capsized, with both happy and sad responses, but we still enjoyed sailing anyway.

It was a great sailing session!’

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