12 January 2023

Little Women

SHSK School

January 2023

In recent years, there have been many modern retellings and interpretations of Louisa May Alcott’s classic tale on TV and in films, but during Michaelmas term it was Middle School’s turn to take to the stage and tell their version of Little Women. Crystal (10J) – one of a handful of students who played Josephine March in the performance  – and Head of Drama, Miss Grandi, share their fondest memories of producing such a show.

Working on Little Women was an amazing experience. Everybody had to learn how to speak with an American accent, which was very challenging, but we all managed to get there in the end. The main character, Josephine March, narrated the play and I shared this role with ten other people. It was such a change from the way we would usually work when playing one character. To make the character believable, we all had to work together learning how to move and act as one person. I really enjoyed working with all my friends and, although there was a lot of time pressure putting the play on in just one term, it was such a fun few weeks. I absolutely loved it!

Crystal (10J)


From day one of rehearsals, I was struck by the bubbly enthusiasm and commitment of our cast for this year’s Middle School production, Little Women. It has been a pleasure to develop this production with such a dedicated and creative group of Years 9 and 10 students who have invested such joy in the world of the play.

Subject matters of rehearsals have included: mock sword fighting with fire irons, American accents, walking in high heels, long skirt management tutorials, fake snowball throwing, slow-motion ice skating and, of course, 1860s-period dancing. Directing this Middle School production has been a delight!

Miss Grandi (Head of Drama)



SHSK School

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