26 June 2023

Love Languages 2023

We were delighted to host Rush Common School and Charlton Primary School for our annual Love Languages competition on the 15 of June and were so impressed with the standard of all three entries this year.

Our Junior Department Year 5 students worked very hard on their performance piece entitled ’La Prise de la Bastille’ and were the first to perform to the panel of Sixth Form student judges; Josie, Marina and Emily. Juniors’ performance brimmed with energy and enthusiasm, and their use of projection was very impressive!

Rush Common’s Mandarin-inspired performance of ‘The Qing Ming Festival’ and Charlton’s rendition of a traditional French nursery rhyme ‘Frère Jacques’ were also outstanding, showing the hard work and dedication that had gone into their rehearsals and preparation.

Our student judges marked each school in three specific areas: creativity, originality and quality of performance. After a long period of deliberation, Rush Common emerged victorious as this year’s worthy winners, with the judges praising their level of confidence, expression and excellent pronunciation.

The event concluded with an escape room task, requiring the schools to work together collaboratively to solve a series of language challenges. It was lovely to see the students work together so well and a nice fun way to end the competition. Congratulations to everyone involved – it was a great partnership event!

Mrs Uezzell (Partnerships Administrator)

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