4 July 2023

Lower School social with Abingdon School

The Physics Department played host to Year 7 and 8 students from St Helen’s and Abingdon School for one evening in June to take part in our “scrapheap challenge”.

Students from the two schools were put into groups and provided with a motor, remote control and wheels, and were then given 30 minutes to modify the design of their car to make it as fast and nimble as possible. There were some excellent designs – some students took the edict to ’use anything they could find’ to heart and repurposed rulers to add stability to the cars!

The cars were then raced in time trial heats, and the fastest group from each heat went through to a grand finale which had a most convincing winner. The evening was rounded off with a superb BBQ in the summer sunshine.

Miss Shuter (Teacher of Physics)

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